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I have my life back…

I’ve waited to write about my experience with Dr. Bloyer until I had some idea how well chiropractic would work for me.

I’ve started with my every two week visits in my treatment plan, and right this minute am curled up in my chair, legs bent under me and back straight and supple. After two weeks, I have no pain, and it’s been two very active weeks that included water aerobics, playing rough with my wolfhounds, caring for my horses, and most days walking 8 to 12 blocks. I can throw and catch a ball, style my hair, run up and down stairs, and reach for things above or behind me and look over my shoulders!

These are trivial things to most people, but for the last 15 years I have not been able to do them. Even a simple thing like tying my shoes was a chore. I hurt and took narcotics several times a day, which left me even more exhausted. I€™m fifty-six years old. I have fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis in my neck and old riding injuries. I saw many MDs and specialists, and was told by all of them that pain and weakness were all I could expect and I should be resigned to them increasing through the rest of my life.

I met Dr. Bloyer at an Easter Seals health fair. Without me telling him anything about my past history, he was able to pinpoint the areas where I knew there was damage. I decided if he could do that, it was worth a shot.

I am so thankful I decided to come see him! I still have stiff mornings, and occasional pain, but at worst it’s about like my best days before. I can move freely, use my body without thinking about every move! I have not had this much freedom of movement since my 20s.

I would not have believed chiropractic could make such a difference. I was hoping for some pain relief, what I got was my functional body, that I can use again without pain and weakness, energy from being able to sleep through the night, and the simple joy of movement that I’d forgotten.

Stephanie W.

Stiff shoulders, neck pain, arthritis

In my lifetime I have used chiropractic off and on with some relief.  I was introduced to Dr. Bloyer by my God-Daughter, and what a welcome change.
Pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders persisted, even after cervical spine surgery.  I didn’t want to believe my life would continue with daily pain. And I was a little skeptical about seeing a chiropractor (again). But, the treatment plan, the x-rays and the explanation I was given made sense.  Now, 4 weeks later, I can’t believe the difference it has made.  I can turn my head without discomfort, use my arms normally and feel more relaxed overall.  In addition, the rest of my body is responding; I was unable to kneel on one knee and then get up without difficulty, which is also resolved.  A nice bonus for the overall spinal care that this chiropractic treatment had given me. At 63 I thought pain would be “the normal” way of life.  I was wrong – and I am happy about that!
Eileen C.

Low Back Pain

I have to tell you thanks so much for the consultation and adjustments the last 2 days here. I already feel 10 times better than when I walked in yesterday. I really appreciate you adjusting your afternoon for me, and working me in yesterday. I have been just “dealing” with the back pain for almost 2 weeks, and within 2 visits, I already feel like a new man. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

Brad W.

Calf/Heel Pain

Hey Dr. Bloyer!  I wanted to let you know that I swam today and it was nearly pain free!!!   The back of my calf/ heel is feeling soo much better!  I have almost full movement pain free!  I’m not 100% yet but, i can’t believe how quickly I am recovering!  I’m guessing at this rate I should be in tip top shape Sunday for my Hy-Vee Triathlon!  See you tomorrow! Thanks so much!  You are amazing!

Arianne K.


I went home last night and I felt so much better. My vertigo is almost totally gone. What a relief. I have been living the past 2 weeks in a fog, unable to function normally. I feel so much better now.

Jamie B.

Ben’s Knee

We came to Dr. Bloyer in October of 2011 after our son, Ben, hurt his knee during a football game. Not knowing the full extent of his injury, we were looking for a treatment plan that would consist of more than a few x-rays, 5 minutes of a doctors time, and some pain medicine. At Bloyer Chiropractic, that was exactly what we received. After a very extensive assessment and a detailed explanation of his injury, a drug free treatment plan was put into place and our son was on the road to recovery. Within a short time, Ben was back to 100% and ready for the upcoming basketball season. There have been several injuries since then, and Dr. Bloyer is always our first choice when seeking out treatment for Ben. We have been amazed at the rapid progress and the immediate improvement for Ben when using chiropractic treatment to heal his sports injuries. Dr. Bloyer has always treated Ben with respect and talked to him rather than talking to us about his treatment and progress. He has spent a lot of time getting to know him and creating a great doctor-patient relationship. Adding chiropractic treatments to Ben’s sports lifestyle has been one of the best decisions that we have made and we definitely plan to continue with chiropractic care. We are continually impressed by Dr. Bloyer’s humble spirit and genuine care for his patients.

Jeff & Kelly R.

Pain relief and sleep increase

Since high school I have had mid back pain due to what I thought was just rib issues. I have know Dr. Bloyer for a long time and decided to have him adjust me. Even though I know him on a personal level he was still extremely professional and made sure that I knew exactly what his plan was and how he planned to help me with my problem. Dr. Bloyer ran tests and was very thorough in explaining every detail. After my one adjustment I felt much more loose and could already feel more mobility.

That night was the first night I was able to sleep all the way through without my back hurting in every movement. I felt so much better in fact that I slept almost the entire next day and finally caught up on sleep.

Thank you so much for the pain relief!! Would recommend Dr. Bloyer to anyone I know!

Adam W.

Chiropractic works!!

I am a 25 year old female. Before I had my son, in June of 2012, I suffered from almost debilitating back pain. I couldn’t bend over without problems standing back up. I constantly ached and lost a lot of sleep. I started seeing Dr. Bloyer after I found out I was pregnant. Dr. Bloyer did a full examination, explained the treatment plan that he recommended, and made sure that he had my approval throughout the whole process.

Within 3 months, I noticed a significant difference. Granted, it got much worse as my pregnancy developed, but I can tell you that after having my son, and a few follow up appointments, I live everyday free of back pain.

After having my son, however, my hip was causing me to limp, have range of motion issues, and making it hard to do day to day things. I saw Dr. Bloyer one or two times for my hip, and within about a week, it was gone.

Now I am seeing Dr. Bloyer for my wrist. It is my dominant hand, and I was constantly in pain. The pain and burning sensation had traveled up to my right elbow and my thumb joint was popping. It seemed like it was popping in and out of place or getting stuck. It had gotten to the point where I was having trouble using a pen, lifting anything, putting my hair in a ponytail, etc.

I have had 6 visits with Dr. Bloyer for my wrist. I saw an immediate difference, and today it only hurts (and minimally so) when I do one or two motions and not every time.


I truly believe in the power of chiropractic. Dr. Bloyer has made a substantial difference in my quality of life.

Cassie T.

Low back pain

I’m a very active person and have always been able to rotate and bend without discomfort, until last December. I was experiencing extreme sharp pain in my lower back that radiated down my legs when rotating and bending. I was unable to sleep at night and the only comfortable position I could find was lying on my back with my feet elivated. After jusy one visit i was able to move again. I followed the recommended treatment plan and now visit Dr Bloyer once a month to maintain my spinal health. I have not experienced the extreme pain I did last year since.

Kathryn T.

Back/Neck Pain

I started seeing Dr. Bloyer after my back was having minor spasms and causing major discomfort. I tried curing it with a massage but that did very little for my pain. Dr. Bloyer has been wonderful to work with. After 3 months I have minimal discomfort after a nights sleep and am starting to see my activity levels get back to where they should be. I feel great after seeing Dr. Bloyer for an adjustment. Dr. Bloyer provides professional and affordable care. I would highly recommend him.

Amanda P.

Road to a successful recovery

On October 16th, I was rushed to the hospital for severe back pains. At the time, I was seven and a half months pregnant, so obviously I was thinking the worst. After being in urgent care for 5 hours and underwent many tests, they concluded I was having muscular/skeletal issues. Only thing they could do for me was prescribe a muscle relaxer (which did not help) and to take Tylenol. The pain was so severe that nothing was helping at this point. They sent me home with a big ol’ glass of water and a prescription that needed to be picked up at my local pharmacy.

The next morning, the pain level was still the same. I could not walk without any sort of pain. The pain was so intense it was making me nauseous. The only person left that could help me was Dr. Bloyer. After confirming at the hospital what my issue was, I knew I had to get in as soon as possible. I was seen previously by him the year earlier for back issues, so I knew I was in good hands. Thank goodness they were able to see me right away that morning.

The process has been slow, but I have been making progress! I’m able to walk with little pain too. Within a week, I went from being nearly immobile to being able to walk and return back to work. Dr. Bloyer has been very sincere through this whole process. He was willing to come in and open up his office to get me in for an adjustment. That proves he is very dedicated to his patiens and will do what he can to make their lives better. I know that no matter what he suggests, it will be the right thing for me to make the road to recovery a successful one.


For the heck of it…

I started going to Bloyer Chiropractic a year ago just to see what the fuss what about with chiropractors and I have never looked back. I did not have any major symptoms of anything but after an evaluation, I could see how bad my overall posture was and realized that the tense shoulders I had gotten used to wasn’t normal. I have been a patient there for a year now and look forward to my monthly appointment. I have heard horror stories about chiropractors being to rough or adjustments hurting and that has never been the case with Dr. Bloyer. My husband, an avid runner, also goes there as well as my 5 year old and 2 year old. It makes a world of difference in my son’s bowel movements and I’ve also noticed improvement in his eczema. With my daughter, a dancer, she has gained better posture and it seems to help her balance. Love, love, LOVE Dr. Bloyer!

Alie P.


After taking a statin drug for a few months in 2007, I began feeling excrusiating muscle and lower back pain. I could not lift either leg without severe pain. I could not sit for more than a few minutes until I would have to get on my knees at my desk and reduce the pain. I have been to a physical therapist, a rheumatologist, and only one doctor said I might have statin induced myopathy. Regardless, I needed some relief. In October of 2011, I was out with the girls for a night of shopping in Ankeny and Dr. Bloyer was offering an initial consultation. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Bloyer’s thorough explanation of chiropractic care, so I decided to give him a try. He started working on my left hip pain and after extensive treatment, even after a year later, I no longer have left hip pain and no pain in my right shoulder. I continue to have lower back pain and go for regular maintenance to Dr. Bloyer. He has also provided information and demonstrated several exercises to help lower back pain. During routine maintenance in July, 2012, I mentioned that I have plantar fasciitis in both feet. Dr. Bloyer started me on a schedule of intense treatment. Let me say that the manipulation is very painful, but I am feeling much relief and my left foot now has no pain and the pain in my right foot is now very minimal. In September of 2012, I started having the same pain in my right hip area and again Dr. Bloyer was able to eliminate the pain. Dr. Bloyer goes above and beyond to expain all treatments in detail and I am thankful for the results.

Paula S.

I feel amazing already

I am 35 weeks pregnant and I have had major stiffness in my lower back and pain where it has been hard to get out of bed in the morning. I am a new client at Bloyer Chiropractic, and in the 2 times I’ve been here, I already feel amazing. I can get right out of bed, not feeling stiff like I used to. I am also impressed with how Dr. Bloyer took the time to explain what was wrong with my body, how to correct it and if I don’t correct it, what can happen in the future. Over all, it’s been a wonderful expreience at Bloyer Chiropractic.

Alicia W.

Life Changing

Dr. Kevin Bloyer not only advocates “Chiropractic adds Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years!”, he also proves it through his wise, professional treatment of joints and muscles.

I am thankful his care kept me working hard and enjoying my kids and grandkids, even though 30 years of arthritis wanted to rob me of that precious gift!

Sledding with the kids is one of those special moments!Dr. Bloyer doesn’t like my “Let it snow!” shirt, but it still can make him laugh.

Thanks Dr. Bloyer for your help and encouragement and cheer!


Greatest Health Investment!

I never thought much about chiropractic care. My fiance started to see Dr. Bloyer and recommended that I go too. I tried it out and have been totally amazed by the results! I feel 100 times better, I sleep better, and don’t experience so much tension. I also noticed how much chiropractic helps when I was rear-ended in a car accident last spring. Dr. Bloyer’s care made a huge difference!

Dr. Bloyer is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He always takes time to answer any of my questions and discuss any issues I am experiencing. The office is very comfortable and makes you feel right at home. There are toys for children to play with, a good reading selection and some great art. The receptionist (Gina) is always happy to help and a great asset to the office! I would recommend anyone go see Dr. Bloyer!

Leah G.

Best Chiropractic Clinic

I have been going to several Chiropractors over a period of 20+ years and I have never found one that is more knowledgeable or diverse as Dr. Bloyer. He not only does manual adjustments, but he also does the an actovator method if you are not into the whole “bone popping” method. With your intial visit, he has been the most though at explaining exactly what was my problems are and how we are going to treat them

I have been a patient of Dr. Bloyer’s for almost a year now and he has helped me with numerous problems from headaches, sinus blockage, lower back, hip, foot pain and tight muscles. Basically from head to toe.

I would recommend Dr Bloyer and his office to anyone that is having any pain. They are friendly and always making you feel like a person, not just a patient number.

Gina L.

Thank you

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In April of 2010, my daughter Jennifer, who is 7 years old, hurt her leg while jumping on a trampoline. She was limping and could not straighten her leg. We took her to her pediatrician and had X-rays taken of her hips and leg. Labs were also drawn to rule out infection and inflammation. All diagnostics results were negative. She was referred to an orthopedic doctor. A MRI and additional labs were done. All were negative. She was referred to two physical therapists for several weeks with no improvement. She was referred to a hip specialist and then another pediatric orthopedic doctor. More X-rays and labs were done. Again, all results were negative. The plan was to refer her to a neurologist and another pediatric ortho in Iowa City. That is when we decided to take a different approach and made an appointment with Dr. Bloyer. After a few visits and adjustments Jennifer’s gait and posture improved. We continue to see Dr. Bloyer to maintain Jennifer’s wellness. Thank You Bloyer Chiropractic for helping our daughter

Ankeny, IA

Amy N.
Ankeny, IA
18 years old

Chief Complaint: Back pain, Insomnia, Stomach problems

I decided to go to the chiropractor because I could only lie down and sleep for 6 hours and I would wake up frequently with a back ache in the middle of the night. I went to Bloyer Chiropractic just to try it out and see if chiropractic care could help. The very first appointment Dr. Bloyer examined me and pointed out problem spots—he even marked out what areas of the back were problematic and the physical affects it may have on my body. I was shocked to learn that some of my gastric problems like heartburn might be connected to my spine. Dr. Bloyer was able to schedule me for the next day after he examined my case more thoroughly. When I came back less than 24 hours later Dr. Bloyer had set up a mock calendar with how many visits per week and how many weeks my treatment would take. He also took the time and effort to contact my insurance company to see how much coverage I could get per visit. Before we even began treatment I knew how much each appointment would cost and how much total treatment would cost. Dr. Bloyer also went in great detail to explain everything he noticed that was wrong with my back and the implications each problem would cause if I didn’t treat them. He also explained what he would do during treatment and how the mechanisms behind chiropractic care would work.

My treatment started immediately, and I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I noticed results. After the first adjustment I was sore, but the next day when I came back for my second adjustment I left feeling better already. By the end of the following week I was sleeping more peacefully and soundly. At the end of the next week I could finally sleep on my back without waking up with throbbing pain, I was also able to sleep for 8 hours straight—something that had not happened for several months. Before treatment I used to wake up frequently throughout the night and I would continually toss and turn, but after a few adjustments by Dr. Bloyer I was able to sleep soundly and wake up without having my sheets being tossed off bed from my constant movement. I have seen a huge improvement in the duration and quality of my sleep.

Chiropractic treatment also got rid of a pain in my upper back and shoulders that I thought was normal. Before care I had huge knots in my shoulders and they constantly ached, but I thought that was a common side effect from writing and studying all day or that I was just sore from track practice. Dr. Bloyer was persistent in loosening my upper thoracic muscles however, and eventually that constant shoulder ache disappeared. It is so nice to get done with school and track and not hurt when I pick up my backpack.

The best result I had with chiropractic treatment was unexpected. I was born with gastric problems which needed past surgeries to correct; these surgeries worked for about 12 years, but ever since then I have had a constant battle with finding medications to treat my problems. One of my troubles was with persistent acid reflex for which I took medicine twice a day; the medicine helped, but I still had heartburn at least once every 2 days. After 2 weeks with treatment from Dr. Bloyer I realized I hadn’t experience any acid reflex for a week, so I reduced my medication to once a day every other day (I still took the medicine twice a day on the opposite days). A couple of days passed and I still had no troubles, so I decreased my medicine to only once a day every day—I was shocked when another week passed and I had no episodes of reflex; that was when I finally realized how valuable chiropractic adjustments are for my entire well-being. I have reduced my medicine for acid reflex from twice every day to once every other day in a matter of 5 weeks, and before going to Dr. Bloyer I had spent 6 years going to the doctor and trying new medications that ended up making me sick. Chiropractic adjustments will end up saving me hundreds of dollars a year in prescription medicine costs and the best part is that the adjustments actually worked! I can’t believe how much chiropractic care has helped with not only my back aches, but also my physical well being.

Dr. Bloyer is extremely skilled and talented yet humble and personable—he always explained the process behind the different strategies and treatments he used. He answered every question I had about his technique and always double checked to make sure I understood and was comfortable with my adjustment.

My care at Bloyer Chiropractic exceeded all expectations—they were extremely understanding and friendly. They worked completely around my schedule and schedule changes. Every time I came for an adjustment I was greeted with a smile and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Bloyer cared not only about my back and spine, but he also was interested in my personal life and anything I talked about. It is evident that he is very passionate about helping his patients feel as good as possible. I feel so much better physically than before chiropractic care, and choosing Dr. Bloyer was an excellent choice. I would definitely recommend seeing Dr. Bloyer to anyone who wants to feel back to 100%. It was one of the best decisions I have made!


Amanda H.
Age 25
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Neck pain with numbness into shoulder

I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain, and complete numbness in those areas for over 10 years. I’d been to many doctors and tried multiple treatments before resorting to a chiropractor. After the first few weeks of treatments, I noticed a significant difference in my back pain and started regaining feeling in my shoulder and neck. I’m now pain free the majority of the time and feeling great, something I was told by other doctors wouldn’t be possible. My husband has noticed a huge difference in my back and is considering making an appointment for his shoulder pain. Dr. Bloyer is a professional and me makes feel comfortable during my appointments. I am now a huge believer in chiropractic treatment and will continue to visit Bloyer Chiropractic to help maintain my body’s health.


Donna M.
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Fibromyalgia, Neck pain

Dr. Bloyer-

I want to thank you for helping relieve the neck pain I have been living with for years. I have had several forms of treatment for my neck, including physical therapy, but none have given the level of relief I received under your care.

Because I have fibromyalgia, I expressed to you in the beginning my concerns about chiropractic adjustments and found you extremely attentive to my concerns. At every step along the way, you discussed my options and made certain my body was tolerating any new treatment. From day 1, I have appreciated the meticulous care you’ve provided in my situation.

You are at an awesome beginning of what is sure to be long-lasting career.

Many Blessings


Brady B.
7 months old
Slater, IA

Chief Complaint: Infant not sleeping

My son Brady was born with club feet, which resulted in several months of casting, following by the requirement to wear a set of ankle braces connected by a bar in the middle, holding his legs in an awkward position. At 7 months old, Brady started showing signs of discomfort. He had gone from sleeping through the night, to up every hour screaming in pain. We had contacted his orthopedic doctor, and regular pediatrician, receiving no answers to the sudden change in Brady’s demeanor. In a last effort to help my son, we decided to try chiropractic care. I was not sure if that would help, since my son was too young to tell me what was wrong, but I had to believe he was in pain from something. On Monday morning we called Dr. Bloyers office to see if we could be seen, and he fit us into his schedule later that morning. He sat down my husband and I, explaining to us his theory about Brady’s discomfort, and what he recommended we do. Our consultation was followed immediately by an adjustment to Brady’s lower spine and neck. That afternoon Dr. Bloyer asked if we could bring Brady back into the office so that he could follow up, making sure Brady was reacting to the treatment, and we were receiving results. I was impressed that we were able to get Brady adjusted twice that very day. That very night, our bedtime routine was amazing. He went to sleep so peacefully. No more screaming in the night. Over the next week we brought Brady into the office to been seen every day. Each night was better. Not only was Brady sleeping better, but he was back to playing like his old self. Dr. Bloyer made me feel comfortable with the adjustments he was doing on my son, and understood where I was coming from as a parent. We will continue to see Dr. Bloyer on a regular basis. I firmly believe that he has helped Brady get comfortable, and will continue to enhance his progress with club feet.

Kelli B.

Dr. Bloyer adjusting Brady


Dave M.
West Des Moines, IA

Chief Complaint: Low Back Pain

Dr Bloyer,

I wanted to thank you for relieving my back and leg pain. I have had two disc surgeries and felt I was possibly headed for a third. Your adjustments have relieved my pain and allowed me to be more active. Thank you for the relief!


Tony H.
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Lower back, hip, and leg pain

I first started seeing Dr. Bloyer in July. After a 5k race he was there promoting his business. I could hardly walk after the race due to shin splints and my running partner suggested that I let him see what he can do. I noticed that it helped a little but still didn’t believe that chiropractic worked. Again my running partner insisted that I continue to see him. After the first week I saw huge improvements and by the second week I could walk normal. A few months later I ran into another problem. As I was training for a half marathon I had a muscle in my glut ball up and I could not run for more than 5 minutes without having to stop. I didn’t figure it was something that Dr. Bloyer could fix so I went to my medical doctor and they informed me that it was a torn muscle. The next day I went to a sports doctor and they said the same thing but they insisted that I go into surgery to correct the muscle. As a last resort I called Dr. Bloyer to get his opinion. He disagreed with the doctors and insisted that I give him a try before I go back to any doctors. After just 2 days the pain decreased dramatically and I was able to run the half marathon. At first I did not believe that chiropractic worked but no matter how much I doubted it I can’t deny the results. Dr. Bloyer is amazing at what he does and I recommend him to everyone I know.

Thank you


Cynthia A.
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Sciatica

My medical doctor said I had a pinched sciatic nerve, and gave me pills to reduce the swelling and to ice the area that was sore. I was unable to stand for long periods of time without lying down flat every 15 minutes or so and could not sit either for long periods of time. After a month I replaced those pills with ibuprofen, taking 4 every 5 to 6 hours, my doctor said this dose was equal to the ones I was given to take, and I was still using ice, for another three weeks. The week of new years, I made an appointment to see Dr. Bloyer, a friend said he specialized in sciatic nerve conditions, he called it Sciatica. I have never seen a chiropractic doctor before and was a little leery. I meet with Dr. Bloyer Wednesday and Thursday, he explained the condition and showed me the x rays as to how he will approach the nerve and spine to relieve the condition, swelling and pain. He worked the lower back and thigh muscle to help with the sciatic nerve. Monday, Jan 3 I saw Dr. Bloyer, and I had stopped taking the ibuprofens, by Saturday morning, and had little or no pain when standing or sitting for long periods of time. He also said that it will take several visits to convince the body that this is a good thing to move the nerve and relieve the pressure to be fully functional without any pain.


Andrea B.
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Neck Pain/Shoulder Tension and Low Back pain

For three years I ignored the aching in my neck and shoulders. At first I assumed it would go away on its own, or that I just needed a good massage. I had considered chiropractic care but, being a busy college student, never took the initiative to be seen. Dr. Bloyer took the initiative for me, offering free screenings at the YMCA, where I learned that my spine was not aligned and was likely the culprit for my neck and shoulder pain.

At the initial exam I was pleasantly surprised by the thorough care and genuine concern that Dr. Bloyer demonstrated. He took his time explaining his findings and suggestions for a plan of care, which he believed would stop the degeneration that has occurred in my neck. This plan of care has reduced the tension in my neck and shoulders and has significantly decreased my level of pain.

Dr. Bloyer has also helped me with an acute episode of low back pain I experienced after moving a coffee table. I called Dr. Bloyer the next morning, before a previously scheduled routine adjustment, to ask if he thought I should be seen in Urgent Care. He told me to come to him first and he would see what he could do. After some adjustments the pain disappeared without medication.

Health has been a top priority for me ever since I was approaching 200 pounds and decided to do something about it. After becoming active and eating right I lost forty pounds. Chiropractic care has become as important to me as exercise and nutrition. The pain relief I have now, thanks to Dr. Bloyer, has given me more energy to keep working towards a healthier me.

Natalie L.

Chief complaint: spitting up after meals, constipation, gas

My name is Chandra and I have two children. I was skeptical at first about bringing these two children of mine that I love so dearly to someone I thought would “pop” and “crack” them. Boy was I wrong.

I had been thinking about getting back to a chiropractor for months but hadn’t taken the initiative. I ran into Dr. Bloyer at my gym and got to talking to him and started initially seeing him for myself because I had just had a baby and I already have a herniated disc. We talked about my baby and some issues she was having (gassy, fussy, irritable, spitting up) and he said to bring her in and he would see if it was something he could help with. I went home wondering what I was going to do because my skepticism was so deep. Well, a friend of mine who just had a baby earlier that week came to my house for a visit. We were talking about chiropractic care and the awesome stuff it’s done for us, when she brought up that she had her son adjusted the day he came home from the hospital. It was then that I decided, if this mama, who loves her baby as much I love mine, takes him THE DAY HE COMES HOME, then I am giving it a shot. She explained there is no “popping” or “cracking” of anything in babies and that he’s very gentle. Then more into the conversation, we realized we were seeing the same chiropractor too, Dr. Bloyer.

I called the office that day after she’d left thinking I would just leave a message because I knew the office was closed and Dr. Bloyer answered! He had his office phone transferred to his cell phone and that was another point that made me feel more comfortable than ever about taking my children to see him. If he’s willing to answer his phone ANYTIME of the day, then I am at least willing to give it a try. Shoot, if something goes wrong, I can reach him…day or night!

So I took my infant, 10 weeks old, in to see him the next morning. Before seeing Dr. Bloyer I thought to myself all of the things I would love for him to be able to improve. One of those was the fact that every time my daughter is awake, she’s crying. She’s either eating, crying or sleeping and you could just tell how uncomfortable she was so I was looking to have him alleviate some of the tension I knew she was feeling in her belly.

We went back to the room where he talked to me thoroughly about her symptoms and how I felt about them. Then before he even worked with her he asked to hold her. He wanted to get to know her before he even thought about examining her or asking to remove any of her clothes or anything like that. Another point that made me feel more comfortable! So many doctors are so quick to say, “Ok, lay your brand new baby on the bed and take off her clothes” (my first daughter’s pediatrician wouldn’t even come into the room until the nurse had taken vitals and the baby was naked on the table waiting for her. I got used to this but no parent should have to “get used” to anything with their doctors). After they met each other and he caught a few smiles, he gave her back to me and asked me to help with the exam as much as possible. I was the one who lifted her clothes and I was the one who flipped her from belly to back…it was extremely nice for me to be involved. Dr. Bloyer was very careful about not letting her catch the chills, keeping only skin necessary exposed. It’s just nice for a doctor to take such precautions about ensuring you and your babies are comfortable.

When he was doing the adjustments, she hardly even cried and the only reason she did was because his hands were cold or she was tired of being in one position. She never once cried because she was in pain or because she was uncomfortable. The whole session took about 30 minutes (including the consultation) and when it was over I picked her up and fed her (which Dr. Bloyer and Kayla gave me full reign to do so as I saw comfortable…they were awesomely accommodating). She’s exclusively breast fed and after every time she would eat, she would fuss and get very uncomfortable. This time was different (even after only 5 minutes after the adjustment); she burped, lay on my chest (awake) and didn’t move. She was just looking around, loving life and it was the first time in her short life that I didn’t know what to do because she was being calm. Usually I don’t know what to do because she’s acting squirmy and in pain. So, I started to cry…it was very emotional.

Dr. Bloyer told me she’d probably fill her pants some time later that day and I found that very hard to believe because before seeing him, she was only pooping every 3 days or so (which I was told was normal for breast fed babies because breast milk is so nutritious and is easily absorbed but have later learned that even with that being true, they should still be regular and once a day is best). We went home and nothing except bliss happened all day…she slept and played, it was amazing and I was in awe. No poop that day but the next day after she had her morning feeding, she filled that diaper all the way up her back and all the way up the front. She did this again two more times that day. She has become more regular now, going just about once a day. Her overall fussiness is better too; she plays more and is interactive with us instead of just crying.

Kayla is always more than great too! She’s helpful in any way she can be, assisting with everything I’ve ever requested. Oh and their office smells awesome…I think we should thank Kayla for that also ????

I am certainly glad I ran into Dr. Bloyer at my gym.


Chandra L.


Mike M.
Elkhart, IA

Chief Complaint: Tennis Elbow, Low Back Pain

My wife and I have had several muscular/skeletal problems throughout the years and Bloyer Chiropractic has been our lifesaver. We have dealt with these issues for several years, using mostly medicinal and family physician assistance. And while they have been helpful as a band aid, they have not resolved the issues. Rather, they have exacerbated them.

My wife has been dealing with several issues, among them being chronic back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and general muscular pain. When she started going to Bloyer Chiropractic, these symptoms started decreasing rapidly. Through chiropractic health checkups and training in exercises, these problems have been for the most part resolved.

I have had several muscular and skeletal problems as well. Among them has been elbow, forearm, shoulder, and lower back pain. I have taken pain medicine for many years and it has only masked the pain. Through Bloyer Chiropractic, these pain levels have been eliminated. I would highly recommend chiropractic as a solution to your muscular and skeletal problems. They are very attentive and careful with your care. They treat you as they would family. You are special to them.



Christine N.
Ames, IA

Chief Complaint: Headaches

Within the past month I had been experiencing migraines on a daily basis. Prior to these migraines I would experience minor headaches that would come and go. Throughout my life I had gone to my family chiropractor who would temporarily relieve my headaches for a couple days, only to have them return again. As time has progressed these headaches have developed into migraines. Aspirin, caffeine, and my family chiropractor could not relieve me from the pain. I ran into Dr. Bloyer at a health fair and was impressed by his knowledge and how personable he was. I decided to make an appointment with him after that day. At my first visit I was thoroughly impressed with his advanced technology and the additional time and care that he spent with me. He educated me on my current situation and provided me with materials to better understand my condition. Dr. Bloyer used ART therapy to relieve me of my headaches. After receiving this treatment on my first visit, I felt instantly relieved and my muscles were less tense than they had been for months. He is the only chiropractor that I have heard perform ART therapy around this area, and it has performed wonders for me. I can not say enough good things about my visits and the results that I have seen. I feel that now I can perform normal activities instead of ending my day early because of my headaches. Choosing to make an appointment with Dr. Bloyer has been by far one of the best decisions that I have made! I have never felt better or have experienced such quick results!


Bondurant, IA

Chief Complaint: Infant not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time

Dr. Bloyer,
Good morning! And yes, it really is!!!
Colton finally wore out yesterday afternoon and slept from 4:00-5:30 (unusually late nap).
Colton slept from 8:30pm-6:30am, waking only once (around 1230am) for a few minutes. Honestly, I cannot recall a time that he has slept like this.

Thank you , thank you, thank you!!! I look forward to our future treatments.

And I am not sure if this is related, but now he is climbing onto everything! He has been climbing on the sofa, un-assisted and just this morning on top of his train table. I have noticed he walks better down stairs (assisted), too.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!



Mike M.
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Neck pain and immobility

Last Saturday morning I stretched out my neck and heard a loud POP! I couldn’t move my head to the left, I could barely talk due to the pain and moving my left arm caused so much pain I about dropped! My wife got on the phone to find a Chiropractor that was open on Saturday. She called Dr. Bloyer and left a message. He returned her call and said once his wife returned he would meet us at his office. I had a conference that I was flying out for on Monday and I needed relief quick. Dr. Bloyer not only adjusted me on Saturday but he came in Sunday morning and also met me early Monday morning. I was able to make my conference and felt much better. Thanks to Dr. Bloyer for going above and beyond in my time of need.


Raylin W.
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Toddler not sleeping

Thanks for getting Raylin adjusted today. She is passed out! That’s her first nap this week! Thank you!!!

Desiray W.


Max W.
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Ear Infections

My 18 month old son, Max, was diagnosed with chronic ear infection, after suffering through back-to-back infections for almost 4 months. Antibiotics would clear-up the infections, however, it was a matter of days before an infection returned due to fluid not draining properly. This is a crucial age for toddlers to be able to hear clearly but with an ear infection, the child hears as though they are under water, Max was only saying a few words and our next ear infection indicated an immediate appointment with an ENT and tubes in his ears. We inquired to Dr. Bloyer and asked if he could help, he worked us in the next morning. After two weeks of very gentle adjustments, we took Max back to the pediatrician, he was infection AND fluid free, the first time in 4 months. He is now 22 months old and since being under Dr. Bloyer’s care he has continued to be infection and fluid free and more importantly, making significant improvements with his speech. We cannot thank-you enough Dr. Bloyer!

Missy W.

Malachi C.
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Ear Infections


We had Malachi’s well-baby visit today and she said both his ears look beautiful! YAY!!!! We are so happy!!!! Thanks for your help on this!

Jodi C.


Samantha K.
Ankeny, IA

Chief Complaint: Torticollis

This is Samantha, with before and after pictures following only three visits at Bloyer Chiropractic and Wellness.








Auto Accident

I have been a patient at Dr. Kevin Bloyer’s office for the past 2 years. Recently I was in an auto accident. Dr. Kevin carefully evaluated my situation and recommended the best course of treatment. His professionalism and outstanding attention to the situation, dramatically reduced the amount of time I was in pain. The front desk staff are friendly and great to work with too!
Even though your in pain as he does the manipulating of the affected area. He manages to ask you with a smile “Are we still friends”?
I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Bloyer



I’m sooooo glad I finally got smart and took Olivia to a chiropractor for her constipation. We’ve been dealing with this for over a month, took her in to her dr, Even got xrayed only to verify she was literally “full of sh**”… all they told us to do was get her on miralax and keep her on it till she’s potty trained. Now, normally I do think she’s got a great pediatrician… but for this case after 3+ weeks of miralax and still seeing no improvements. We went to Bloyer Chiropractic and Wellness last night and less than 24 hours after one adjustment and a tummy massage and Olivia has passed sum doodoo 5 times today. Hallelujah we’ve found a resolution!…

A year prior he solved our ear infections problem as well! We were to the point if she had one more ear infection she would have needed to get tubes.

Robin W.

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